Good literacy skills underpin success in school. We want Nottingham children and young people to be confident in expressing themselves in speech and writing, enjoy reading and become skilled users of new technologies. We recognise the importance of families in supporting children’s early literacy development and the importance of supporting pupils for whom English is an additional language. To work on this agenda we have implemented the following programmes:

  • Improving secondary teachers’ knowledge of the teaching of reading
  • Leading literacy improvement in school
  • Seely Primary Support Package
  • KS2 Literacy coaching project

What has been achieved so far:

  • 5 schools have implemented Module 1 Active Listening and Module 2 Active Talking.
  • Teachers have greater insight into the importance of talk for learning
  • Schools are reporting positive outcomes of this work, including; more accurate reading assessments through running records, improvements in planning and teaching in guided reading, the quality of book Introductions, immediate verbal feedback and the use of cut-up sentences.
  • Seely are pleased with the progress of children in KS1 – they are expecting more than a 5% increase in standards in KS1 this summer.