In November 2015 we asked for your views on our strategic plan – as well as feedback on three key priorities that we believe should be tackled first to help get our city back on track.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our consultation.

Respondents supported the Board’s overall vision and agreed that we should work with schools and academies on three priorities:

  1. Smoother transition for pupils moving from primary to secondary school
  2. Raising standards in Maths
  3. Attracting new teachers to the city and retaining those already working here

Based on the feedback you gave, we have also added a fourth priority:

  1. Improving standards in English

While not wishing to expand the initial scope of our work too widely in our first year, our Board agrees that progress can only be made with a focus on both Maths and English.

The results of the feedback can be seen here:

EIB consultation summary

EIB strategy consultation full