To support academies and schools in improving their maths from nursery to sixth form we have advocated numerous programmes.

The programmes are:

  • Mathematics Specialist Teachers Programme – Transform TSA
  • EYFS maths mastery – F1
  • EYFS maths mastery – F2
  • Improving problem solving through reasoning

Aims of the programme:

  • Build a core group of outstanding primary maths practitioners in the city who can improve the skills of others by September 2018.
  • Develop a cohort of F1 maths mastery experts who can develop the knowledge of others in the city by September 2018.
  • 19 schools teaching Early Number Sense and using maths mastery practices in F2 by September 2018.
  • To improve Nottingham’s ranking for progress in Maths from 137th in 2017 to at least 130th in 2018.

The impacts so far:

  • Deeper understanding of the maths content and curriculum – feedback has been high.
  • Subject knowledge has increased; upskilled of other staff working within F1, depth of learning for children is increasing and a greater understanding of progression in skills.
  • Increase in subject knowledge, change in teaching approach-mixed ability, depth of learning for children, improved reasoning and language development for children
  • Lesson Study on 18/5 at NUSA was a great success for the 7 participants present. Lessons were studied live and videoed – footage will be included in end-of-project film. Teachers who attended the Lesson study visited schools and reported shifts in classroom practice aimed at supporting the development of resilient problem solving by pupils.