English Speaking Board

The English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. is a national awarding organisation offering qualifications in Speech and Language. ESB qualifications focus on effective communication skills, with a practical emphasis.

The EIB offered schools working with Thistley Hough, an allowance to cover center registration and a contribution towards any ESB assessment. In addition, ESB undertook to deliver free training to all schools and provide the required teaching resources

Aims of the programme are:

Whilst the specific outcomes change depending on the qualification being taken, all qualifications aim to stretch the ablest student and support the least confident through the development of oral communication skills.

Schools have the choice of qualifications, although most do the Senior Introductory qualification, in line with Thistley Hough, who are also supporting them. The learning outcomes for this programme are as follows:

1 Structure a talk of four minutes’ duration

2 Deliver the talk to time, using notes selectively

3 Expand on initial information with advice, comment and opinion

4 Incorporate audio/visual aids during the talk

5. Speak a piece of published, creative English from memory (poetry, spoken song lyric, prose or drama

6. Read a passage of about 200 words fluently and audibly

7. Respond to questions and make contributions to the work of others

8. Listen carefully and positively throughout the work of a small group