On 30th November last year, we held a student conference in the Ballroom at the Council House to look at transition from primary to secondary school. Nine of the city’s secondary schools sent KS3 and KS4 pupils to the conference, pre-armed with their thoughts about how their own experiences of transition have impacted on their secondary education and their views about how transition could be improved.


I found the morning to be a brilliant insight in to how the work the EIB is doing affects the young people in the city and, as someone who is guilty of spending too much time at Loxley House, it was great for me to learn from the people we aim to help. All of the young people were enthusiastic and bought a variety of experiences and recommendations to the discussion, ranging from practical quick wins to aspirational transition activities.


Transition is one of the EIB’s key areas of focus and we have recently appointed Sarah Smailes as the Transition Strand Lead working a day a week for the EIB. Sarah will also continue to work as a Year 6 teacher at Claremont Primary School in the city. Sarah will start work for the EIB at the end of January and will do her own blog post when she is settled in to the role.


The feedback gathered from the conference will be developed in to a newsletter, which will be one in a series of newsletters produced and shared with all city school staff in the run up to the common transition day in July this year. We will also be publishing the transition protocol and working with Schools IT to make some tweaks to the common transfer form, so it is ready for use when details about secondary school place offers are released.